Love Boca Outreach Ministries

homeless outreach FUMC 2014 logo onlyLove Boca Outreach Ministries – Resources and Inspiration for the Homeless Population of Boca Raton. WATCH OUR VIDEO!

Love Boca has a multi-faceted approach to helping the homeless community.  There is an initial interview with each individual to asses their needs and abilities, determine medical needs and basically try to figure out who they are and how they are doing.

Everyone is different and is “living on the street” for different reasons.  Love Boca starts with addressing the basic needs, providing a meal, giving them someone to talk to and help them to feel human again.

How Love Boca helps:

  • Food/Clothing
  • Substance Abuse Treatment/Counseling
  • Employment/Skills Workshops
  • Emergency Shelter/Transportation

If you have any questions or you are willing to help, please contact Anne Cann, Program Coordinator at 561-674-3378.

Sunday Morning Greeter

Volunteers are needed for our Welcome Wagon on the East Campus to greet and assist visitors with information about our church. Can you be a greeter once a month after the service you attend? It’s easy and fun! Contact Jill Haire 561-395-1244 x123 for more information or to volunteer.