Imagine: Love

Tonight’s message was imagining love given by Danny Hesterly. He spoke about how God created us with a purpose and mission, to connect with him on the deepest, most intimate level.

We heard about how God’s love for us is not based on anything we do but on who God is. Danny showed us a great illustration of not just being filled with God’s love,but how as we are filled with his love and passion we become compassionate and it pours out to others.

The students were given an opportunity to pray with us, Brad and Jill, for either Jesus, passion or both. It was an amazing opportunity that we had when every single student came up to us for prayer for either one or the other or both.

Pray for the students who prayed for Jesus for either the first time or for just more of Jesus in their lives. Pray that they continue to seek and find more of Jesus and their personal relationship with God grows. Also pray for those students who need more passion in their lives to live for God. It was a great night and our prayer is that it doesn’t just end with tonight but continues as we go home and all of us seek for more Jesus and more passion.