Vision Prayer Focus #3 from Pastor Tom

From Pastor Tom: On a morning visit yesterday to Boca Raton Regional Hospital, I prayed with two FUMC members who were prepped for surgery and another who had been hospitalized since Sunday and was delighted to be going home that day. I ran into Dr. Scott Beede, also an FUMC member, taking care of his morning rounds. I interacted with a variety of nurses and volunteers; I passed a gurney rolling out of the emergency room taking a suffering woman presumably into surgery. I came home and checked the internet and learned that according to the City of Boca Raton’s 2013 economic statistics, Boca Regional is the second largest employer in our community.


So let’s pray this week for the patients and the employees and volunteers of Boca Raton Regional Hospital. And let’s don’t stop there. Let’s pray for our health care sector throughout Boca and Delray and Deerfield and Boynton. Let’s pray for the hospitals and the rehab and nursing care facilities, for the doctors’ offices and the therapy facilities; for the patients and the people caring for them—including family members—including youth caregivers.


Ask God to give our church a big heart for people in need of physical healing. Ask the Spirit to reveal how we might be a more effective healing presence and partner in our church family and in our communities. Listen. Listen. Listen.

Lord Jesus, you walked this earth with healing in your touch. You came as the Great Physician. Bless those health care providers in our communities; give them wisdom and patience and strength. Bless all who are in need of physical healing, Encourage us to be your hands and feet, serving those among us and around us who need your healing presence.  In your saving name, Amen.