Day 2 Morning Work

Yesterday the students worked hard but today they are beyond focused and are getting things accomplished twice as fast! We are continuing our work on the church with painting, sidewall repairs, and installing new carpet. The weather is beautiful – 73 at lunch time – and things are going so smoothly.

As Matt shared about the struggles in the area, we’ve been able to see the faces to these problems as they pull up to the church looking for someone to help them. Today a woman, Gomez, and her 8 or so year old daughter pulled up because she heard about a group that goes around and cuts grass. Her other daughter has a house down the road that was overgrown and broke the lawnmower so she wanted to see if we have a weed wacker and could help them. Although we were unable to at the moment she was directed to come Sunday at 11am and speak with Matt.

But I’m thankful that didn’t end our conversation. I (Jill) was able to talk with her for about 10 minutes learning about her family. She was excited we were from Florida because her dad traveled there to the Seminole reservation to sing for the opening  of the Casino and it was his favorite place he traveled. So it’s her life goal to go to Florida. I was able to listen to her story and pray for her and her family including Antonio her husband whose awaiting heart surgery. What a blessing those 10 minutes were.

We are continuing our afternoon focused on our tasks and taking in the beauty of the weather and scenerie around us.