Local Missionaries 

I had someone back home ask more about Matt and Amanda and their ministry here so, here’s a little more information. They have been living and serving here full time for 4 years. Their three kids are young, 8, 5, and 2 and they live here on the Ranch. During the school year Matt is a teacher at a local school in addition to the pastor of the church and leading various programs at the Ranch. 

The kids camp they run here at the ranch (which is free) has been going for a few years and just recently after building the relationships and foundations they are seeing kids give their lives to Christ. 

During the school year they run nightly programs the teens and that ministry is growing as well. They recently had a students Ilajah (Elijah with an “i”) become nationally certified as a welder and is now able to travel anywhere in the U.S. and get a welding job. He also happens to be the son of a Chief! 

In addition to the lack of skill and education here there aren’t places that teach skills and if they do learn a trait there are no places of employment right here. Thoss young people who want to better themselves must travel away from their family, culture, and everything they know to work. It’s a real struggle. 

It’s been amazing talking with Matt and Amanda about their ministry. I’ve been able to witness the relationships Matt has built here as natives come to the church to talk to him and arrange him to help them. They often are victims of stealing around here with people breaking into the church to take things or walking into the ranch when no ones here. Recently his family traveled away for a week and someone came on their ranch and stole over $400 worth of diesel gas he uses for the buses to pick up kids and his tractor. Yet, they just continue to really show the love of Christ to everyone they meet. 

**the website is haddenjourney.org or haddenjourney.com that will redirect to the same place 🙂 

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