Wednesday Night Chapel

Ed, our team staff, shared with us last night about the importance of the word “therefore” in scripture and what it means to us. We looked at the various things God has done for us in scripture and therefore how we should live from it. We looked at mostly Ephesians, Eph 1:3-7 and 4:1-4.  

We looked at the demonstrated life of Pastor Saeed, a Christian Iranian Pastor, who is imprisoned in Iran for 8 years for practicing Christianity. We read a letter that was released to his family and church back home encouraging them of his situation and encouraging them how to live. Although he’s in terrible conditions being persecuted he knows God is using his imprisonment for his Glory and expects him to live in a way to share the love of Christ with those around him. 

Our group was challenged to live the therefore life. “God loves and forgives us therefore we should…” It was a good reminder to act towards others not under our own expectations of what’s good, just, and fair, but through the eyes of Christ, the way he is towards us. 

We are looking forward to our last half day of work this morning before experiencing some of the local culture. Our afternoon plan is to head into town, Pine Ridge, and experience a Pow-Wow. Today is the start of a traditional 4 day Pow-Wow with the biggest part of it starting this afternoon.