Vision Prayer Focus #7 from Pastor Tom

A couple of weeks ago, Marcus and I embarked on a “wild” pastor road trip (at least as “wild” as a pastor road trip is likely to be), covering over 1,300 miles in around 52 hours.  Our first stop was Columbia, SC, where we spent a 6 hour consultation with author and church futurist Reggie McNeal.  We returned to Boca with new ingredients to toss into the Vision Team’s “recipe” for the next 3 to 5 years at FUMC Boca.  The Vision Team met this past Monday night and engaged in a lively discussion stimulated by some of the new material.

We are moving closer to the church-wide Town Hall event on September 27 when we invite the entire church to come together and engage in the vision process.   Mark your calendar and plan to participate in that special event.  Pray for a big turnout and a strong spirit of involvement and ownership as we move forward together as a church family.  Pray also for the Vision Team as we continue to meet and seek God’s guidance in developing the clearest ideas to share at the Town Hall.  The team members are Sara Allen, Charlie Blose, Carl Lohmar, Joe Mannino, Ellen Martin, Kristen Oliver, Stacy Sallah, Tom Tift, Matthew Warren, and Marcus Zillman.

Creating God, we believe you created and are still creating—and calling us as individuals and a church to be part of what you are creating.  Bless our church in this time of planning for the future. Be with the members of the Vision Team as they work together on behalf of the congregation.  Prepare the church for the Town Hall meeting; guide us by the Holy Spirit to shape a vision that unifies us and stirs us to embrace the future.  Challenge us and assure us.  Reveal to us your Kingdom call.  Speak into our hearts and lives.  We are listening.  Amen.