Worship and Teaching Night 2

Pastor Brian shared a very encouraging and challenging message for everyone. We studied through Ephesians 2:1-10 and the bad and good news of the gospel. We talked about how the bad news is that we are in a constant struggle with things in this world and with ourselves. He shared the gospel message in a new and fresh way and one of our students said, “I’ve never heard it like that and it makes SO much sense.” 

Brian shared an illustration of a mouse trap and how that is the struggle we live in. The mouse trap is Satan, the cheese are the things of this world, and we are the mice who makes the decision to go after the cheese. That’s the bad news – we are in a battle with ourselves and things of this world and on our own we will always loose that battle. 

As we saw in Ephesians 2:4-10 the good news is BUT GOD provided us with life, love, and grace. He did this not because we did or can do anything to deserve or earn it but just because he loves us. Our job, our role in Jesus’ grace is to accept it. It’s like receiving an Amazon gift card in our email, totally free and yet if we never open and redeem it, it’s our loss. 

Everyone was given an opportunity to accept Christ if they hadn’t yet in a time of prayer. Those of us who have already accepted Christ were challenged to think about if we are really living unashamed of the gospel. 

After worship and teaching we had a great small group time sharing and debriefing about our work day and the night teaching. Our students shared how impactful it was talking and playing with the people at the apartment complex whose lives are literally falling apart and yet they were so joyful.