Worship and Teaching Night 2

Tonight was another super powerful teaching for our group! Brian spoke on knowing what it means to sign up to be a follower of Christ. As we walked through Luke 14:25-33 he pointed out that to be a follower of Jesus we are called to 1. Love Jesus supreamly, 2. carry our own cross and live sacrificially, and 3. to renounce for Jesus’ purpose.

Brian asked some really hard questions like, “you’re going to give your life to something / someone so why not give it to the one who already gave his life for us?” And “are you willing to live like that and are you in?” 

It was a tough message for some of us and yet a refreshing and honest reminder for others. We had two students stand up to say unashamedly they are living their lives for the gospel! In our small group we talked deeper about what it really means to love God more than anything, or anyone else in our lives. 

We also had some great conversation like “does God really have a purpose for our lives when we have free will?” It was a great challenging and thought provoking night.