Mickey Vasquez – Worship Leader Contemporary Service

Mickey Vasquez is the Worship Leader for the FUMC Contemporary Service. He first joined the FUMC Team in 2011 as the Drummer for the praise team and immediately found a musical home here.

Music has always been a big part of Mickey’s life. He comes from a musical culture, and a musical family. While growing up, his mother worked for a record label in the Dominican Republic, exposing him to the rhythms, instruments, and energy of the Central Caribbean. At the same time, in this already musical home, his father was playing the classic albums of Elton John, Journey, Boston, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. It was clear from a very young age that music would be an integral part of his life. As a result, Mickey embraces all musical styles, especially contemporary Christian Worship and Praise!

Throughout middle and high school he began playing the tuba and eventually integrated drums, percussion, and singing into his musical life.  Mickey has performed with Christian youth groups, in masses, and in many different church ministries throughout his life. He has performed on many recordings, and has toured as a solo artist or with the Christian band CEFAS in Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

In this new chapter of his musical adventure, God has called Mickey to lead this worship team, alongside his wife Nicky and their daughter Amaris. Beyond any ability, skill, or experience that he possesses, what is most important is that his heart for serving God is behind it all. He truly strives to give his all to worship, and to create an environment where others can evolve in their musical calling. Mickey hopes to take his passion for music and carry it forward to the FUMC community and lead the church in praise. FUMC Boca Raton: “a chill place where everyone is loved and welcome!”