Dinner Church Update – May 20, 2019

Dinner Church has found its rhythm and is building a community. We have served more than 10 families over the last 3 months. We have over a 50% return rate and each time we meet, we continue to build on the relationships of those that come. Of those families, we have fed and served over 20 children and youth and each week, God brings us someone new. The team consistently serves and provides the meals and the overall welcoming and hospitable ambiance.

Many of you have been asking for an update and so we wanted to walk you through what a typical Dinner Church day looks like. It starts early with team members hanging a banner on the school gate or placing signs on the neighboring roads near Coral Sunset Elementary School.  Then the set up begins at 4:00 pm, with Miguel, our custodian and our team setting up tables, chairs and unloading the boxes of supplies. Our faithful meal servers, Linda and Tony prepare the serving dishes and get the already prepared food hot and ready to go. Darlene and Susan prepare the tables with fresh flowers and a welcoming feel. Kernie and others pray over the chairs while others prepare the Teacher’s Lounge by turning it into a safe room for kids and babies to play in. At 4:50 pm we gather up to pray and prepare our hearts for who God might send to Dinner Church that night.

At 5:00 pm the first families are greeted in the parking lot and shown to the Cafetorium where Dinner Church happens. We spend the next hour eating and getting to know each other around the tables and the kids run around and wander in and out of the play room for craft time. It is loud and fun and full of energy. After about 45 minutes, dessert is offered and to-go boxes are filled with the leftover food. After a worship song and a short Jesus story, Communion is offered to all who want to partake and most of the time, everyone comes up and receives. Then we gather in a circle all together and pray for any needs that are on the hearts of our guests and Team alike. We end around 6:45 pm and begin the tear down process. We are usually out the door by 7:00 pm after a short debrief with the Team. Each time we gather, we are learning something new and tweaking our flow for how we can improve for the next Dinner Church.

A few God sightings in Dinner Church have been…

  • Celebrating a cancer-free report after a nerve-wrecking health scare for one man
  • Embracing a family walking through a tough divorce and a custody battle
  • Witnessing a father returning home and working to reconcile family relationships
  • Growing closer as a Team and being strengthened by our love for God’s Kingdom in new ways


  • Continuous Dinner Church happens every 2nd and 4th Sunday nights through the Summer starting at 5pm
  • Next one is this Sunday, May 26th
  • We would love to begin a tutoring component to Dinner Church in the Fall

If you have any questions or would like to find a way to serve, please email Pastor Rachel at racheld@fumcbocaraton.org