Pastor’s Pen – July 3, 2019

Hello Church family,

I wanted to share a social media post from our Bishop Ken Carter. As you enjoy the 4th of July holiday with your families, friends and neighbors, think about these words regarding your spiritual life. See you at worship on Sunday!!

“Teachings Useful for the Spiritual Life

It is more important to know yourself than to please others.  It is more important to live well than to accumulate knowledge. Carefully and patiently take the time to reflect on all things in relation to God.

There is wisdom in letting go of opinions.  Continually seek the counsel of those who are wiser.  When we place the good of others above ourselves,  we attain peace and quietness of heart.

Read the scriptures with humility, simplicity and faith, and not as a source for subtle arguments.  When we do what is in our power to do, God will honor the intention.

If we believe there is good in ourselves, we should also trust that there is more good in others.  Give your heart to those who are themselves vulnerable before God.

We are drawn to our own preferences and we surround ourselves with those who agree with us.  If God is with us, we will at times let go of our opinions for the greater good.  None of us can know everything.

We are happier when we are not so obsessed with the activities of others.  We are not at peace when we intrude into the affairs of others.

Grow spiritually each day, and remove one fault each year. Many of us were in a better place spiritually when we first experienced conversion.  When we focus on our spiritual lives, we experience more peace within ourselves and we bring more joy to others.

(My paraphrase of random sayings in the first twelve chapters of The Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis, 1441; Paraclete Press edition).”