It’s Time to Celebrate Pastor Rachel & Pastor Ryan!

JUNE 21, 2020

Please join us in saying goodbye to Pastor Rachel and Pastor Ryan on Sunday, June 21 on the north side of the church. This event has been planned with everyone’s health and safety in mind so please read carefully. Decide if you want to be part of the farewell parade from 4-5 PM or part of a small gathering at the MECE Pavilion from 5-6 PM.

The farewell parade allows you to decorate your car, make a poster, or whatever you want to let them know how much you love them and will miss them, and you don’t even get out of the car. For the parade please enter from NE 2nd Ave north entrance and turn right to make the big loop (you may know this as the MECE carline).
The other option is from 5-6 PM, you can park and walk over to the MECE Pavilion. To keep everyone safe we have to limit the number of people so please click here to register for a time in advance. 
Face masks and social distancing will be required. The time will go by quickly so feel free to bring a card or a note for them. We want to wish Pastor Rachel and Pastor Ryan all the best in their new adventure!