A Message from Pastor Craig: 4-17-2022

OK, so, this didn’t happen 100 years ago or 10 years ago for that matter. Did you see this in the news? San Francisco has several competing companies testing their autonomous driving cars. They peddle the idea as taxis operating in a defined area of the city, and right now you can sign up and get on a waiting list for a free ride. I’m all for technology and everything, and would take a ride from a risk basis, but…. I love to drive!  And to let “Nobody” drive, I just don’t know.

Oh, yes, speaking of “Nobody.” Last week one of these autonomous driving cars got pulled over by a cop. Now, that’s just funny in and of itself. At first blush it seemed a little incredulous to me as those cars never exceed the speed limit. But, it turns out the cop stopped it for not having its lights on. Built into the software of these cars, is a protocol of what to do when the car senses flashing lights and a siren. It hits the gas and goes for a chase! I’m kidding. It pulls over immediately, then looks for the safest place to park which this car did. Somebody videoed the cop trying to figure out what was going on. The cop was a little confused. I mean, if Nobody is driving, and Nobody makes a mistake, who do you give a ticket to?

It turns out that those cars have a number to call for this very thing. In this case the company figured out that somebody had flipped the headlight switch to off and didn’t return it to automatic when they set it loose. The cop bought the explanation and, indeed, nobody got a ticket.

They blamed it on “human error.” All the “autonomous” stuff had worked, but somebody had switched the headlights off, maybe while cleaning it or something. I wonder if God sees our bodies kind of the same way – that He programmed them OK, that they were actually “programmed” perfectly to start with, and then “human error” came into being. Now, the Creation story tells us that the error was actually instigated by an outside force that humans were introduced to by the devil.  And we’ve been living with the “bugs” in the programming ever since.

Today is Easter. (Happy Easter BTW!). Today we celebrate the remedy to our “human error” conundrum.  Our errors, call them sin, disrupted our relationship with God. We deserve to be pulled over. But Jesus paid the price for our errored ways, and so it’s not that no one gets ticketed, it’s that the penalty has already been paid. Our sins have been forgiven. This is the reason for our Hallelujahs today. (Have you noticed we haven’t sung a hallelujah during Lent?)

Today we sing praise to God for all He has done, but particularly for taking on our sin so that we could enjoy our relationship with God forever. This is big people!  Really big!

Again, Happy Easter!


But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5