A Message from Pastor Craig: 9-11-2022

Last night I figured out how to make a slide show out of all the photos on my computer.  Now, this is more a confession than something I’m proud about.  With the amount of time I spend with my computer, I should have figured this out decades ago.  But who knew!?  In the Mac environment, you go to Photos, Select All, and then press Slideshow.  It’s that easy.

Now, you don’t get a curated show.  You get to see, at least in my case, the receipts of business trips past, photos taken for reimbursement purposes.  You see the bottom side of a rowing machine, taken to get the serial number off it so I could order parts, you see prices of washing machines at Home Depot from when our dryer died.  Some pictures are sideways, some blurry beyond recognition.

But along the way, wonderful memories of activities past flashed on the TV screen, making a TV show out of our lives that we ended up watching for a couple of hours (some of the videos I took were quite unnecessarily long).

My Mom’s side of the family used to gather every time my parents and I came back to the United States. One night of those gatherings was always spent watching slides on an old Kodak slide projector with family commenting on things over the loud hum of the fan trying to keep the bulb from blowing up.  (BTW- “Slideshow” doesn’t even make sense on a computer anymore!  It’s leftover language like “rolling” up your car window or “dialing” a phone number.)  It always took a couple of hours to go through those slides too, and we looked forward to being reminded of the old times and the additional slides that were added from our last visit. 

It’s important to look back.  Like in a car, you want to take the same proportion of time looking back as a mirror takes in your windshield.  You don’t get stuck there—it’s not the main focus.  But it’s a helpful check.

When you look back at your life, what do you see?  What are the memories?  Are they a jumble of un-curated thoughts?  Are they colored with rose-colored glasses? Are they majorly painful?  I think that when we look back and find the times when God has been good to us, when we look back at the blessings that we have received in the past, God helps us curate the memories for the benefit of our future.  Painful things are not forgotten.  But they can be put in the context of the Grace that saw us through.  Milestones can be seen as the consistent hand of God walking with us through our lifetimes.  Beautiful places that just by their existence, and our privilege to have seen them, remind us of the goodness of God.  That lunar eclipse that didn’t record as well as you thought it would still reminds us of the wonder of creation.  God’s goodness is revealed in many ways, and reviewing those ways, whether in a slideshow or not, is a unique privilege humans have.  I think we should take advantage of that.  Remembering God’s goodness is very important.  Communion is that – remembering the gift Jesus gave us.  That’s what the religious holidays are – remembering the milestones of the redemptive work of God. 
Recalling the saints of old is an album of God’s work in history.  And it’s all good, and for our benefit.  Praise God!

Mindful of God’s goodness in my life,


Remember the days of old; consider the years long past. Ask your father, and he will tell you, your elders,
and they will inform you. Deuteronomy 32:7