A Message from Pastor Craig: 1-8-2023

 This Christmas brought several books under the tree for me. Friends and family decide that I need to read particular things, and for the most part, I resolve to read them for the New Year, but then never get around to it. But, I decided to read one book that was given to me by a friend at the church before the New Year. That way no New Year Resolutions are broken (or made for that matter).

The book was titillatingly called “The Physics of God.” How could a pastor turn down reading such a tome! It wasn’t written by a Christian, and so I read it with some reserve. The author wasn’t a scientist either, so my reservations grew on that side also. But what this guy who is dedicated to the religion of yoga, has to offer is the ability to explain scientific concepts. I actually have an inkling as to what string theory is now. I now understand that there is a difference between Einstein’s relativism and quantum mechanics (not a clue as to why or how, but just that there is). I now know why scientists talk about wave-matter (something you just hear all the time strolling the aisles of Publix!), and what they might be thinking about when they talk about black energy.

I brought a manifestly theological mind to his discussion about a nonlocal NONSEQUENTIAL 2D reality that interfaces with our 3D world. But when he talked about that 2D world transmitting holograms with so many pixels that you can bump into them in the 3D world, I had to stop, and well, just take a nap – my head couldn’t handle it any more.

When I woke up and thought about this potentially holographic world, I realized he was presenting an old religion called
Gnosticism in pseudo-quantum physics terminology. Gnosticism long ago espoused the idea that our world is just an illusion created by a reality that is beyond us. As it sought to penetrate Christianity, it suggested that since nothing was truly real, Jesus laughed on the cross because “really” he felt no pain. Pain is just an illusion on Earth.

Christianity rejected this. And so do I. Maybe God used energy to create the reality we know as the world today. Einstein told us we are all just energy anyway, the formula E=mc 2 and all that. But Christianity held onto a material reality that was created by a
benevolent God which has a universally shared experience. Anyone, and everyone, for instance, who jumps into the ocean will get wet. That which is universally (or at least here on Earth) experienced is what we call “real.” And adhering to that reality will keep you dry, or will dictate whether you are sick or well, etc.

And of course, reality continues in spheres that we do not understand. The spiritual world is that way. But we are not an illusion of God’s own thinking. We are beautiful expressions of His creative power. We are sculpture more that hologram-made, not projected. And the reason that I value you, yes, you who are reading this today, is because you are a fellow creation of the powerful God who lovingly created us both. You are real. And full of purpose and goodness, and yes, energy (although we all have varying degrees of that!). I pray that this new year finds us living into the real presence and purpose of God in our lives. I pray that we grow in our faith, deepen our convictions, fulfill our purposes in ways that God has for us to discover as we go through the next year together.

This train is bound for glory!

Ready for a New Year,


Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in

the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:3,4