Sunday School

East Campus

* The Social Concerns Discussion Group, led by Linda Wiler, meets from 9:30 – 10:30 am in the Church Office.  Join in a review/discussion of a variety of subjects from Aesops Fables and the Gospels, various news topics (fracking, abortion, media violence, etc.) to modern day applications of church activities to world actions.

* An 11:00 am — noon Sunday School Class, led by Debbie Pearson, meets in the Church Office Conference Room.  The group’s desire is to increase their understanding of Scripture and to apply it to their daily lives. Each quarter follows a theme based on the Uniform Series. Classes start by reading selected Scripture and is then developed through other readings and group discussion. There is no homework and participants won’t be lost if miss a week!

Virtual Bible Study

Life happens! Maybe you want to be in a Bible study yet you are juggling work, family, household responsibilities and maybe even caregiving. Time no longer seems to be your own. This very flexible Virtual Bible Study may be for you! Members read a Bible chapter each week. Connie Siskowski highlights some points in the chapter and participants voluntarily comment and share throughout the week as they are able. If you would like try this format, just email Connie and she will be happy to welcome you!

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee coordinates the funds to be given to charities throughout the United States and the World. The congregation has the opportunity to donate funds through the giving envelopes that are available at all the Sunday services. The following is just a partial list of some of the organizations our congregation supports:

The Outreach Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month in the Church Office Conference Room at 7pm. Check out the Outreach Calendar 2018 for the full schedule of giving.

Transition Ministry

Transitions provides support in preparing for death (annual seminars on preparing a will, etc); celebrating the life of a loved one in a memorial service; and remembering the life of a loved one. YOU can be a recipient of this loving ministry in your time of need or be on the Transitions team to help others in their time of need.

Prayer Team

An Intercessory Prayer Team meets on a regular basis to pray for the prayer requests from FUMC and the community.  In addition there is a group that prays just for cancer patients, an Email Prayer Ministry, and a Telephone Prayer Chain.  YOU can ask for prayers or be on one of the prayer teams

United Methodist Women

tea rooms 2The United Methodist Women’s Unit (UMW) at our church has three circles and an interest group: Rachel Circle, Rebekah Circle, Susanna Circle, and the Gertrude Sewing Group, that provide opportunities to promote spiritual growth and fellowship and develop awareness and encourage action and advocacy on behalf of women, children and youth, locally and globally.  Any female aged 12 and up is welcome to join a circle.