Morning worship

This morning there was a beautiful sunrise over the lake as you can see behind the girls. The group was able to relax a little on the porch in rocking chairs before breakfast. Worship was a great way to start the day and we heard from the speaker about all the things in the world that fight to burn out our light, or passion for Jesus.


Small group time 1

This morning before lunch we had a chance to gather for a small group time to learn about The Big Picture and The Lord of All. In The Big Picture we learned about how the world was created to be good, how sin ruined things, how Jesus came to restore and how we are sent out to heal and transform. While walking through The Lord of All we talked about the importance of putting Christ on the throne, in the center of our lives, and arranging our life and priorities around Christ’s desires for us. We had a great time of small group discussion and looking at scripture.



Small group time 2

After lunch we gathered to hear from Pastor Marcus about two sacraments within the Methodist church, baptism and communion. We also learned about the beginning of the Christian Church and the various branches of different denominations. The students had a chance to “rap with the Rev” and ask Marcus anything which led into some great discussions.




Sunday morning

There was a beautiful sunrise over the lake this morning as we finished up our retreat. The students had a final opportunity to worship this morning and hear about the final steps of the adventure of living out as a Christian. We were challenged to all figure out what our next step is in our faith, what we need to do next to keep growing. Before leaving we all had the chance to receive communion together.