Covid-19 Changes

Because of our current pandemic, many of our normal events and “happenings” may not be happening or have moved to an online platform. Please contact the church office at 561-395-1244 or email for additional information

West Campus Choir

The West Campus Choir welcomes all singers with hearts for the Lord and for service.  There are no auditions and music reading is not required.   Our director is Suzanne Galer-Wert and her husband is Brian Wert (pictured right).  The choir meets for thirty minutes just before the service from 8:45-9:15 A.M. in the choir room in the back of Fellowship Hall.  We also meet after coffee time from 11:00-11:45  to prepare the next week’s music.   We rejoice in a new music collection full of energy and variety.  

We have a new president, Dan Bertotti.  His wife, Fran also sings in the choir.  Our Music Librarian, Terry Marks will help you feel at home by finding your music folder and a spot to store your music.   Her husband, Don Marks sings in the choir and also helps coordinate the coffee and fellowship hour.  The choir has a yearly potluck in September and the coordinator is Sandy Green.  Sandy is also the Secretary-Treasurer and the soprano section leader.  Lisa Coles is our alto section leader and also leads hymns during the service.  Other treasured choir members include Sherry Platt, Nancy Hale, Adele Smalley, and snowbird Judy Sullivan.