Charge Conference 2020

The membership plan for the United Methodist Church per the 2016 Book of Discipline (paragraph 228, pages 164-165) provides that after review,  those who have not shown interest by their attendance, gifts and prayers for a period of two years or more, be presented to the Charge Conference for action to remove their names after being listed for two consecutive years to the church congregation. For further information, please contact Becky Clark at

The following names meet the requirement for removal by action of the Charge Conference following the final reading at the Fall 2020 conference on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 7:00pm. Please click here for the link information to join the Annual Charge Conference via Zoom.

Robby Baker
Hank Bush III
Kim Bush
Mia Carmona
Joyce Celaya
David Chapman
Preston Coffer
Carla Cook
Dawn Cox
Renee Cross
Nick David
Kyle Frey
Nancy Frey
Rhett Haney
Ryan Haney
Terry Jacob
Kate Knudsen
Raine Koyl
Michael Larsen
Pete Larsen
Christian Lukacs
Cindy Lytle
Andrew McAllister
Sheyla McAllister
Cy Morgan
Ryan Neacy
Alan Pearson

Matthew Petersen
Raquel Petersen
Bianca Pruis
Angela Puerta
Sean Rabideau
Aurelia Redner
Ben Rogers
Joe Rogers
Nick Rogers
Campbell Serrano
Nicole Sharp
Darcy Strobel
Garrett Strobel
Bemnet Tesfazghi
Parker Thomson
Spencer Thomson
Stephen Timberlake
Alex Wanzenberg
Anna Wanzenberg
Jordan Watson
BJ Watson
Tom Watson
Emily Wexler
Garett Wootton

The following names are being listed for the first year. For further information, please contact Becky Clark at

Tooska Amiri
Brahman Bloukos
Alexander Boettcher
Victoria Boettcher
Andy Cobas
Winnie DeVault
Debbie Fairall
Elizabeth Geraci
Shirley Gorris
Pam Graham
Stacy Graham
Sterling Graham
Betty Grunza
Jim Grunza
Paula Herbst-McGregor
Michelle Jackson
Jack Justad
Mellie Justad
Todd Justad
Ian Kauffman
Jesse Lo Re
Maritza Lo Re
Anne Leavey
John Leavey
Nick Lehmann
Andrea Mansourin

Amy Marenco
David Marenco
Stewart Martin
Wendy Martin
Mary McClure
Milton McGregor
Marissa Miller
Scott Mishler
Jennifer Montello
Luke Obler
Bob Rawson
Karen Richards
Kimberly Romah
Mavis Schierloh
Ashley Smith
Craig Stevens
Maria Stevens
Karen Sweetapple
Robert Sweetapple
Teddy Tesfazghi
Jayson Topel
Laura Umstead
Ron Umstead
Uriel Vergona
Berkley Vitale
Jeanne Underwood
Brad Walls
Melissa Walls
Dalton Wetherington