Charge Conference 2022

The membership plan for the United Methodist Church per the 2016 Book of Discipline (paragraph 228, pages 164-165) provides that after review,  those who have not shown interest by their attendance, gifts and prayers for a period of two years or more, be presented to the Charge Conference for action to remove their names after being listed for two consecutive years to the church congregation. For further information, please contact Becky Clark at

The following names meet the requirement for removal by action of the Charge Conference following the final reading at the Fall 2022 conference on Sunday, October 30, 2022 at 12:15pm.

Elizabeth Benham-Ward
Bruce Bleich
Shilah Bloukos
Jeanne Brace
Andrew Braker
Bill Branning
Tracy Branning
Jenn Canning
John Canning
Lisa Castle
Lauren Chuchla
Ted Chuchla
Cindy Cohen
Stacey Cooley
Nick Curry
John Curry
Pam Curry
John Fair
Maria Fair
Sandie Fulton
Christine Galenski
Jade Hanekom
Megan Hargrave
Adrienne Hobbs
Abby Hobbs
Lisa Hoddinott
Allison Killip
Douglas Killip
Brett Maloney
Jack Martin
Julia Martin
Cameron McMullen
Kevin Oliver
Kristen Oliver
Will Oliver
Christopher Oliver
Libby Oliver
Bob Olsthoorn
Brian Pare
Ray Pare
Wendy Pare
Chris Pare
Craig Port
Katie Port
Kristin Rankin
Michael Rankin
Amy Reeves
Wesley Reeves
Bill Rickards
Dorothy Robinson
Ali Rose
Dalton Senger
Mitchell Senger
Lorraine Sharp
Tom Simpson
Allison Simpson
Becky Smither
Kevin Smither
Kelly Sowers
Madi Sowers
Laura Sowers
Mark Sowers
Paul Timberlake
Michelle Turnbull
Donovan Turnbull
Dominique Turnbull
Katie Visco
Jane Walters
Matthew Warren
Fred Watson
Brandon Weppner
Michael Weppner, Jr.
Amanda Wiebelt

The following names are being listed for the first year. For further information, please contact Becky Clark at

Michelle Blackstock
Jennifer Boone
Randy Boone
Nancy Gillan
Bruce Gilpin
Diana Gilpin
Devra Iacobelli
Lisa Kreider
Monica Mannino
Andrea Mansourian
Jan Nixon
Debbie Pearson
Steve Pearson
Anderson Petry
Nicholas Petry
Ana Rita Richards
Barbara Staugaard
Becky Swope
Deneen Wellings
Mitzi Young