Lay Leader’s Corner – July 2018

Evangelism and Volunteerism-What do they have in common?

Evangelism, a scary word to many of us. We tend to think of being an evangelist as being someone who can stand up in crowds and preach the Gospel or “convert” the non-believers.  I personally don’t think it has to be that dramatic or scary.  I believe we can be evangelists just by living our lives reflecting our beliefs in Christ and His Holy Word.

What better way to demonstrate our beliefs than to volunteer our time and talents with our church and local community. This past Sunday our bulletin had a card with “Serving Opportunities” within our Church. I pray that everyone found a place to plug in and be involved.  We voted in April, as a church, to work very hard to continue our church and its’ ministries in East and West Boca Raton. This can only be accomplished if all our members become involved. If you did not get a chance to fill out a “Serving Opportunity” card, let me know and I’ll be happy to get one for you or help you “plug in” to volunteer ministry.

I have a simple challenge to myself and all of you for a small step in Christian Witness or Evangelism.  Many of us often dine out.  Hopefully, we all pray before our meals and give God thanks for our many blessings. Let’s combine the two.

The challenge: when you dine out and have a server, ask their name. Let them know you will be praying over the meal and giving thanks to God for His blessings. Ask your server if there is anything they need prayer for and let them know you will include that with your prayer.  Bow your heads, join hands, and in the public restaurant, say your prayers aloud.  Show your faith!

You may get some silly answers, but who knows, you may get some serious requests.  There are folks out there just waiting for someone to care and extend them an invitation.

Let me know of your experiences.

Suzanne Reeves – Lay Leader