Lay Leader’s Corner – June 2018


This is not a story about a bird. Rather, it is an acronym I learned.

Remember Affect is a Verb, Effect is a Noun.

How are your actions and attitudes affecting the effectiveness of the church at FUMC Boca? The State of Florida? The United States of America? The entire Global community? Are you part of the action towards affecting unity or just part of the crowd that laments the effect of others actions?

In Matthew 28 we find  Jesus making the command to ” ..go and make Disciples of all Nations..”. The 3 letter word included here is so important…ALL!

I am so pleased to be a part of a church that is embracing and working towards including ALL.  The road  forward is challenging. If we continue to strive to be in relationship with Jesus Christ we can achieve the command.

I invite you to join in the journey towards Discipleship with FUMC Boca. Allow Jesus to be in relationship with you. Pray for your church, your nation and the world.  Volunteer where you are able. Give your tithes and offerings.  Together we can affect the positive effectiveness of the church.

Suzanne Reeves – Lay Leader