Lay Leader’s Corner – May 2018

My father was a United Methodist minister here in the Florida Conference. Growing up in this environment, the Hymns of our church were very much a part of my life and my expressions of faith.

Someone dear to me recently reminded me of one of the profound hymns in our Hymnal.  The first verse, written by John Oxenham in 1913 states:

“In Christ there is no  east or west, in him no south or north; but one great fellowship of love through- out the whole wide earth.”

Pentecost Sunday at FUMC Boca Raton was a great example of what this can be like. What a joyous time it was, coming together as one church, sharing God’s love and celebrating the birth of the church. The Holy Spirit was with us and asking to be a part of our lives and beings.

My hope is that we continue to carry this experience forward, not only uniting our church in Boca Raton, but going forth to unite all persons under Christ. Our daily news reminds us of the challenges ahead. The road forward can be bumpy and uncomfortable to travel, but with the Holy Spirit leading the way, we can be unstoppable. I invite you to be an active part of the journey here at FUMC Boca Raton. Please reach out to me if you need a tour guide on your journey.

In the Blessings of the Holy Spirit,

Suzanne Reeves – Lay Leader