Poetry Contest

The women of FUMC Boca are invited to use their many talents and write a sonnet, haiku, limerick, rhyme or other type of poem connecting one or more of UMW recommended books and the saying on the Poetry Month Poster. (“And then our singing Brought on a different manner of weather We took stock of one another We wept to be reminded of such color”)

The UMW publishes a recommended reading list (found here!) each year. You can read more about the UMW reading program by clicking here.

Think positively. Pray constantly. Be creative. Write beautifully. Have fun. Turn in your efforts to Linda Wiler by May 1, 2019. You can drop your poem off to the church office or email it here. Any questions? Contact Linda Wiler at (954) 642-9688. A surprise awaits for each woman who enters!