Telephone Procedures

Answering the Phone

  • When a call comes in, please answer the phone with “First United Methodist Church, (your name) speaking.”
  • To transfer the call, press the TRANSFER button and immediately press the EXTENSION number then hang up. (There is no need to stay on the line).

To Retrieve Messages from the General Mailbox

Press the right arrow until VMAIL displays on the screen. Press the button next to VMAIL. Follow the prompts. The extension is 121 and password is 1244.

To Page a Person on East and West Campus

(Your announcement will be heard through all telephone sets.)

Pick up the handset and press 70 and immediately start your announcement.

To Pickup a Call from Another Ringing Handset

Press *45*121# (replace 121 with the handset extension that is ringing) OR press *30 and it will STEAL the call from any handset that is ringing.