Leadership Council Meeting Summary (May 21, 2018)

This is the second report of the Leadership Council Chair, consisting of my reflections on the meeting held May 21, 2018 at the West Campus. Council attendance was excellent and each of the members are to be commended for their hard work during the past month. Each committee submitted a written report which is available for review. It was a busy, but highly productive meeting, going just over two hours.

Our Church Business Administrator Sharon Saige reported on recent pledges turned in. 28 people have increased their pledge or pledged for the first time with an overall increase of $22,000 in giving. We hope and pray there are more pledges to come in, as our needs are great. Leadership Council members should be wearing bright new name badges in the next month. We want everyone to get to know the lay leaders and ask questions or express concerns to them. We are planning a new photo church directory to be published by the first of the year. Photography will be scheduled for this fall. Becky Clark will be the staff “point person” on this project; we need volunteers to help her make this a big success. Please contact her and offer your services. We have received a 95 page appraisal of the West Campus from Integra Realty Resources in Orlando, a company recommended by our conference. The West Campus property appraisal was acknowledged; the property was valued at $3.6 million.

Jill Haire gave a report on plans to expand our greeter program. We will be developing a plan of action that will greatly expand the number of greeters, so the burden of serving every week can be reduced on our current loyal group. This is an extremely important ministry, as studies have shown that visitors decide within 7 to 8 minutes of walking into a church service whether they feel encouraged to return. Stay tuned and please extend the hand of friendship to all.

Pastor Marcus gave a report from the Nominating Committee. We welcomed our new Young Adult Representative, Mallory Albeck, to her first meeting. Claire Vande Polder was elected to serve on the Staff Parish Relations Committee. The pastor then nominated 13 members for the new Ministries Reassessment Task Force and 9 members for the Strategic Planning Task Force, which were mandated by the vote at our Church Conference in April. All nominees were approved. The task forces will be working this summer to assess our church and make recommendations to move forward into the future with success. These names will be published in the bulletin and on Realm. Please get to know them and share your thoughts with them.

Chuck Reeder, Chairman of the Staff Parish Relations Committee gave their report. Pastor Tom’s new position as a part-time minister required definition and salary adjustments. The Staff Parish proposal was approved, and Pastor Tom is ready to begin part time on July 1. We are extremely pleased to continue to enjoy his talent, caring, and love for the Lord. Custodial services have undergone a change since the resignation of Alex Castle. Sharon Saige has negotiated with a contract service, and the plan approved will produce an estimated $6000 savings to the church. Callie Schaffer, our Assistant Children’s Director and West Campus Sunday school teacher, has resigned. She plans to work full time at the Montessori school. We will attempt to fill her role with volunteers this summer and revisit this position in the fall. Please, if you enjoy children, volunteer once or twice a month to take care of our most precious gifts. The hiring of a full-time youth director (to serve on both campuses) has been deferred this summer. In the interim, Dani Boden has been hired as a part time youth and children intern. We will revisit this important subject this fall, and based on giving, goals, and recommendations of the Strategic Planning and Ministry Reassessment teams, reconsider a full-time position.

Sharon Beede, Chair of the Finance Committee, gave their report and recommendations. It was approved that a monthly financial report will appear in the bulletin every week, so that members “can’t miss” the information. Salaries for pastors and staff will be frozen this year as we tighten our financial belts. Finally, the Finance Committee members were unanimous in the belief that the church should move to a balanced budget as quickly as possible. Fiscal responsibility is essential to the health of our institution. It was agreed that Finance, working with Sharon Saige, will propose a detailed balanced budget next month. This will be based on actual current needs, current changes in giving, recent changes in salaries and new income. Please, prayerfully consider your giving to our church. It is only with your help that our goal to serve greater Boca Raton for God’s work can be fulfilled.

Fran Bertotti, Chairperson of the Trustees, gave their report. Ron Allen, a church member, and owner of Morgan Taylor Contractors is currently inspecting facilities at both campuses. He will be presenting a detailed overview of the condition of both facilities with proposed necessary repairs and replacements, at our June meeting. Approval was given to install storm windows in the East Campus parsonage. These funds will not come from the church budget. Approval was given for window repair and caulking on the East Campus. Fran also reported on an occupancy study she did. George Liebel was thanked for repairing the walkway between Fellowship Hall and the school building on the West Campus. A water leak was repaired outside the Chapel on the West Campus. There is a water leak at the West Campus parsonage that needs repair. MECE will be paying $5000 more this year to use the Life Enrichment Center. The Montessori school contract is in negotiations. The church vehicles need to be replaced. They are over 12 years old and worn out. No action was taken, but this will need to be addressed as we try to improve our youth ministry and outreach programs.

Lay Leader Suzanne Reeves gave her report. She noted that she attended the Trustees and Finance Committee meetings this month, participated in the West Campus services at 930, and has submitted her first message for our weekly email. She expressed concern about the condition of the West Campus infant/toddler nursery.

Charlie Tate asked Pastor Tom to chair an ad hoc committee to review whether there should be any changes to the members of the Council who vote on Council matters. Joe Rakestraw and Merv Timberlake were asked to serve. A report is requested to the Council at the June meeting.

The meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles F Tate III, MD

Chair, Leadership Council, FUMC, BR

Leadership Council Meeting Summary (April 16, 2018)

This is the first of what I hope will be monthly summaries of your Leadership Council meetings, held the third Monday evening of each month. Our hope is to keep you, the attendees and membership of First United Methodist Church Boca Raton, fully informed about the actions and goals of the church leadership.

The Leadership Council is composed of the Council Chair, Chairperson and members of the Staff Parish and Finance sub-committees, as well as the Church Trustees. The Lay Leader, a young adult representative, and the Church Business Administrator are all voting members. Pastors Marcus, Tom, and Rachel are voting members of the Council, and Pastor Ryan, who leads the Atlantic Coast Wesley ministry at FAU, is a non-voting member of the Council.  Here is the summary of the April meeting:

  1. There was unanimous consensus among the Council members present, agreeing with the April 15 Church Conference vote to approve the substitute Plan of Action.
  2. Quarterly pledge statements will be sent out by the end of the month. A statement will go to all 1100 members and attendees of FUMC. In addition, NEW PLEDGE CARDS will be sent out. An accompanying letter will describe the reason for doing this and ask each person to consider giving as much as possible and/or working toward tithing. A simple financial statement for the first Quarter will also be enclosed.
  3. There was a discussion about hiring a full-time youth minister. Financing this new staff member was discussed. The Staff Parish sub-committee was asked to begin evaluation of this process.
  1. Pastor Tom indicated that with his part-time status starting this summer, his participation in the Pumpkin Patch Outreach Ministry this fall will be greatly reduced. He emphasized the need for laity to assume ownership of the Pumpkin Patch. The Leadership Council concurred that this was an excellent opportunity for the church to show their new spirit of servant ministry.
  2. The Leader of Laity, Suzanne Reeves, made a motion to have all members of the Leadership Council wear a name badge with name and Leadership Council position during church services and activities. This motion was unanimously passed. In addition, the lay leader will be taking part in Sunday services once per month and will be contributing to the bulletin or church weekly email every month. In the future, a church email address will be developed for certain lay leaders to improve communication with church members.
  3. Concern was expressed about the need for more participation in greeting and ushering at the services. Jill Haire will be working with the Leadership Council to establish an action plan.
  4. Mallory Albeck was approved as the young adult representative to the Leadership Council. The vacancy which remains on the Staff Parish sub-committee is expected to be filled at the May Council meeting.
  5. The Staff Parish sub-committee is tasked with reviewing yearly all personnel employed by the church and evaluate their performance and salary. They will also look into the youth minister position (see #3 above) and Pastor Tom’s job description and salary as he shifts to part-time status on July 1. They will report to the Leadership Council on their progress at the May meeting.
  6. The Finance sub-committee is tasked with analyzing at all aspects of the budget to consider opportunities to reduce the budget and other potential revisions to the budget, based on the needs of the church and the results of the new pledges.  They will report to the Leadership Council on their progress at the May meeting.
  1. The Trustees are tasked with reviewing all aspects of both campuses facilities (grounds, buildings, equipment, etc.) and assessing the costs of maintaining, repairing and upgrading the facilities. They are to coordinate their efforts with the Finance Committee. They will report to the Leadership Council on their progress at the May meeting.
  2. Pastor Rachel and Jill Haire were asked to put together lists of all FUMC small groups and all volunteer opportunities for publication.
  3. The Council approved negotiations with the Montessori school on the West Campus to extend their lease, which currently would expire on July 31.
  4. A report was received from Pastor Ryan concerning the Atlantic Coast Wesley campus ministry.
  5. A discussion regarding the shower ministry for homeless individuals on Sunday morning will be scheduled for the May meeting. Subsequent to the Leadership Council meeting, the homeless ministry has elected to shift the homeless ministry activities from Sunday mornings to Saturday mornings through the summer.
  6. Pastor Rachel commented on current activities at Coral Sunset Elementary School. There was discussion about setting up a tutoring/mentoring training program for those church members interested in supporting this ministry at Coral Sunset School. Pastor Rachel will follow up in the summer for all interested parties.

I hope this information has been helpful. If you have questions, please contact me or members of the leadership Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles F Tate III, MD

Chair, Leadership Council, FUMC, BR



Leadership Council

Beginning in 2012, the leadership structure of the church has been updated to create better communication and allow decisions to be made in a more timely manner. The Leadership Council meets the third Monday of each month beginning at 6:30pm, alternating between the East and West Campuses. All meetings are open to the congregation.

Leadership Council Members


Charlie Tate


Bruce Wetmore
Fran Bertotti
Kirk Millner

Staff Parish

Joe Mannino
Chuck Reeder


Merv Timberlake
Jim Lauri
Sharon Beede
Joe Rakestraw (Alt)

FAU Ministry

Ryan DeLaune, Director of Atlantic Coast Wesley

Young Adult


Lay Leader

Suzanne Reeves


Marcus Zillman, Senior Pastor
Tom Tift, Associate Pastor
Rachel DeLaune, Associate Pastor

Business Administrator

Sharon Saige

Nominations & Leadership Development Team

Marcus Zillman, Senior Pastor
Tom Tift, Associate Pastor
Rachel DeLaune, Associate Pastor
Charlie Tate
Suzanne Reeves

Recording Secretary

Ralphie Wetmore